The power of imagination with Rob Hopkins


From what is to what if

Rob Hopkins, activist and writer on environmental issues for Transition Network, explores why imagination matters.

Rob Hopkins is the founder of the international Transition Towns movement, and in his new book asks why true creative, positive thinking is in decline – but also asserts that this approach is more important now than ever, and suggests ways our communities can revive and reclaim it.

There is plenty of evidence that things can change rapidly, dramatically, and unexpectedly—for the better. He has seen it happen around the world and in his own town of Totnes, England, where the community is becoming its own housing developer, energy company, enterprise incubator, and local food network—with cascading benefits to the community that extend far beyond the projects themselves.

From ‘What Is to What If’ is a call to action to reclaim and unleash our collective imagination, told through the stories of individuals and communities around the world who are doing it now, as we speak, and witnessing often rapid and dramatic change for the better.

In this interactive talk, Rob Hopkins will explore the main arguments from his new book, which  explores the state of health of our collective imagination in 2019 and why it might be that we are experiencing a collective ‘failure of the imagination’. What then, he asks, might we do about it? What would it look like if we created the optimal conditions for the imagination to flourish, and how might that underpin our activism? Illustrated with stories from around the world, expect an evening that will reconnect you to your imagination, to play, to community, and to the possibility that we might just manage to achieve the changes the future demands of us. 


Time: Arrivals from 7.30pm (8.00pm start)

Location: Auditorium Jacques Brel – 1 avenue Emile Gryzon 1070 Anderlecht

Tickets: 15€ General Admission

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